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Embark on this journey with us, where we understand what you need is unique and should be catered just to you. Let us craft it special, meaningful, and good. Kindly explore our media services and detailed offerings below. Custom packages available.

Pricing Packages


Elevate your media skills and proficiency with Expert Consulting, Teaching and Training. With our help, you will drastically improve your media implementation, awareness, and visual media solutions.

from: $300


We capture the special moments of your big day so your can relive them forever. From Photography, Videography, Drones, to Livestream, we ensure these moments are never lost.

from: $2600


Immerse your audience in the live magic of event. From heartfelt vows to joyous celebrations, we ensure every moment is shared in real-time. Whether near or far, let your audience be part of it - we ensure these moments are done together.

from: $2200

event capture

From birthday celebrations, corporate, concerts, funerals, to other important milestones in life. We create lasting impressions on you and your guests by capturing and producing high-quality photography, videos and livestreams of your events.

from: $1,200

real estate media

Showcase your property in the best light, through stunning photography and videography, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

From: $200


We create effective and visually stunning representation of your brand, through logo design, brand photography, and social media. We actively listen to position you for success.

From: $250

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